Diabetic Teaching

I had another appointment scheduled for today and in my nifty patient portal, it showed that it was coded as Diabetic Teaching. Nobody gave me any details and I just figured, meh, probably just a nutritional counseling appointment.

So the midwife comes in and tells me I am there because I have gestational diabetes. Wait, what? She asks if I have the testing kit with me to which I say no, nobody told me anything! So she has a nurse look into it while she goes over GD and what my diet should look like with the diagnosis. We went through a good 20 mins of teaching.

At the end, they find out that I in fact DO NOT have GD. Whew, relief! I was so stressed!! I could still develop it, but for right now, I am in the clear!

I was really there for lab work! So I went and got some blood drawn. They also gave me a fun little welcome baby gift bag that had formula, coupons, etc in it.

Thank goodness I do NOT have GD!!!!


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