Carrier Genes

Got a call from the doctor’s office today. My blood test came back positive for carrying the Cystic Fibrosis gene. I am being referred to a specialist where hubby will need his blood drawn to test for it also. If it’s negative, then they don’t worry too much about it. If it is positive, then we go over the next steps.

I would never abort a pregnancy because my baby may be disabled. But I believe it’s good to prepare for it if you’re able to diagnose it before birth. I don’t think we had this issue with my other daughter so I am sure it won’t be an issue this time either!


Babies are good!

Slept in and woke up sweating again! Had my doc appointment at 2:15pm and Kevin/Baby girl went with me! The babies are healthy.. we saw both heartbeats on the monitor. They look like gummy bears!! The doc also changed my due date to August 20th. I also have a vitamin D deficiency so have to take supplements.

Came home and proceeded to vomit my whole breakfast! Yay me. Went into the room, turned all the lights off, took my Diclegis dose and fell asleep until 7!! Next appt is my genetic testing on feb 6!

Sunday funday

Spent the evening last night with my close friends and hubby. It’s always relaxing when I get to spend my time with people I love.

Excited for tomorrow!! I have an appointment at 215pm and I should have some more pics of the babies!! Last time we saw them they were lil kidney beans. We should be able to see tiny lil hands and feet now!! Yay!

Morning sickness has been kept at bay with the samples I have of Diclegis. Medicaid denied it a 2nd time but my doc said they would give me samples as long as they have them. Thank goodness. That stuff really does work… I can see why others swear by them!! It’s crazy that Medicaid would deny it considering it is the only FDA approved drug for pregnant women who have nausea! Makes no sense to me..

Diabetic Teaching

I had another appointment scheduled for today and in my nifty patient portal, it showed that it was coded as Diabetic Teaching. Nobody gave me any details and I just figured, meh, probably just a nutritional counseling appointment.

So the midwife comes in and tells me I am there because I have gestational diabetes. Wait, what? She asks if I have the testing kit with me to which I say no, nobody told me anything! So she has a nurse look into it while she goes over GD and what my diet should look like with the diagnosis. We went through a good 20 mins of teaching.

At the end, they find out that I in fact DO NOT have GD. Whew, relief! I was so stressed!! I could still develop it, but for right now, I am in the clear!

I was really there for lab work! So I went and got some blood drawn. They also gave me a fun little welcome baby gift bag that had formula, coupons, etc in it.

Thank goodness I do NOT have GD!!!!