Well, today was very interesting. I had my 2nd ultrasound and holy crap, this is so surreal!


….. Do you see it? YES! There is not just ONE baby, there are TWO!!!! Holy crap….

We are in shock.


First Ultrasound!

I finally went to my doc today to have my first ultrasound!! The doc had a really hard time finding the sac. I was about 6 weeks today. She had a blood test done for my HCG levels and wants me to come back next week for another ultrasound. 😦 I hate waiting!!!!

Is it for real?

It’s the next day and it hasn’t really sunk in. I take another test as soon as I wake up. The 2nd line is even darker than it was the night before. I am definitely pregnant! I log into my candidate portal and send my doc a note telling her the good news! They schedule me to come in on December 22 for my initial pre-natal visit. Ugh, the waiting game SUCKS.

Is there a second line?!

We had been trying for a baby for several months and I had even taken a pregnancy test earlier in the week that was negative. But today, I felt funny. If I sat down too fast, my nether parts felt funny. So I decided to take a test and thought to myself “eh why not?!”. I had ordered a kit from Amazon which contained ovulation tests and pregnancy tests so I used one of those. The first test was tough to read. But the 2nd line was super faint and I wasn’t sure so I had hubby get more from the store. Sure enough, the 2nd test showed the 2nd line much darker. What the hell?! We finally got a positive test?! We were both shocked.