With my mom passing, I’ve thought of so many things we did together and so many traditions we held as a family.

On Christmas Eve, we opened one gift. Usually it was pajamas or something we could use that night. On Christmas Day, the whole family was together and we would make breakfast together (mmmm Scrapple!) and we could not open gifts until mom and dad had their coffee and breakfast. We always went to the Legion’s easter egg hunt, went to the shore for 4th of July, went to see my grandma at the shore on the weekends in the summer, went school shopping before the new school year started and made Halloween bags together.

My mom had her faults but I remember so many awesome things about my childhood. She read bedtime stories to me, tucked me into bed, took me to work with her, always made sure we had food in the house and clothes on our backs. We ate dinner in the living room using TV trays and watched Simpsons together. I used to run into the room just to see the ‘couch scene’.

I hope that each and every one of you creates traditions for your family. I hope to continue it with mine. Tell me about yours in the comments!!


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