Rest in peace mommy

March 6th. I will never forget this day. My mom passed away. And it was gritty too. We took her off life support the week before. She survived 4 days. FOUR DAYS. It sounds so horrible when you are praying for your mom to just pass peacefully.

She had been sick since March 2015. It started with breast cancer and it was kind of like a domino effect from there. Blocked carotid arteries, several heart attacks, stents, triple bypass, radiation, cdiff, sepsis, MRSA, ovaries removed and ultimately death from suffering a stroke during emergency surgery for her femoral arteries being 100% blocked.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to see your doctor every year. Things like this can be prevented. She was only 67.

I got 5 days to mourn the loss of my mom. It has been 2 weeks and it’s still rough. I am back to work. Back to real life. Back to pretending everything is great when all I can see is her laying in the hospital bed when she should have lived for so many more years. My mom did everything she could for me. And she loved me and I knew she did. She made it very clear.



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