So I go to see the doc and I end up seeing the PA. She doesn’t do an ultrasound, just pokes around and moves my leg in different ways. Says she thinks it’s just scar tissue and prescribes a topical anti inflammatory and tells me to take ibuprofen.

Fast forward a few hours and I’m trying to take a nap on the sofa. All of a sudden I’m getting unbearable pain in my knee shooting into my foot. I call the triage nurse and told her my pain was 5 this morning when I saw the PA and now it’s a 9 or 10. I’m sitting here crying because of the pain. She says she will talk with my med team and call me back. 

My Vicodin kicks in and now I only feel a slight twinge of pain… an hour goes by.. I call them back and I get a different nurse who sees no record that I even called. What does she tell me??? Take ibuprofen!!!! Really!!??? I’ve taken Vicodin and used the topical anti inflammatory and now you’re saying to take ibuprofen??? Does it not sound like the pain I’m in is concerning?? The first nurse seemed very concerned and this one was so non Chalant. Unbelievable. 


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