Super Soul Sunday

So I watched an episode of Super Soul Sunday and the guest speaker  was a blogger. She mentioned that one of her posts on facebook right before  she started blogging was a list of 25 things people do not know about her. So I decided to make my own list of 25. Feel free to reblog your own!!

1. I am the baby in my family and I have 3 older sisters.

2. I really hate carrots. Like to the point that they make me gag. I can  eat them in soup though!

3. I HATE feet!

4. I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was pregnant. Drinking it made her move ☺️

5. When I was little, I wanted to be a dolphin trainer.

6. … I don’t know how to swim!

7. I have never attended a concert.

8. I wish I would have retained and paid more attention to history when I was younger because now I am super interested and I don’t remember anything from school!

9. I grew up in bars. My parents were alcoholics. They fed me a lot of peanut butter cups and Burger King at said bars and I brought my coloring books and crayons.

10. I was named after my Aunt Jane and my Mom Mom Elle

11. I have texture issues so I don’t eat many fruits or yogurt with fruit in it.

12. When I took my driver’s test, I had NEVER parallel parked before. I took the test in a mini van and ACED the parallel parking portion 😀

13. I have three older sisters and they are all HALF sisters. I am the only one between my mom and dad.

14. If I could pick one food to eat every day for the rest of my life, it would be cheese

15. I have never flown in a plane. I think I would need a Valium if I did.

16. I have to sleep in bed with a blanket on me, even if it’s just a sheet.

17. I like to run the fan at night for the “white noise”. It doesn’t necessarily need to be blowing on me.

18. I only own 1 pair of jeans that actually fit and theyre itchy so I don’t usually wear jeans. You can usually find me in leggings or sundresses/skirts.

19. My favorite colors are baby blue and pink. But you will usually see me wearing black.

20. My mother had several miscarriages before she had me. The doctor told her she couldn’t have anymore kids so they stopped trying. And then I showed up 🙂

21. I have volunteered for quite a bit the last few years. I love to be involved in everything. I want to make a difference in the world and I want my daughter to want to make a difference too.

22. My hair has been MANY different colors: Black, Blonde, Dark Brown, Red, Purple and highlighted.

23. I have also had various hairstyles because I get bored easily. I will post pictures later 🙂

24. I am a Scorpio and I believe a lot of Scorpio personality traits fit me (fierce, intense, ambitious, security-loving, resourceful, passionate, stubborn, a true friend, jealous, determined, great leaders, lives to experience and express emotions).

25. I love to learn new things. I miss taking classes in college. I wish I could go back!


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