REVIEW: Vivid Lighting LED Bulbs, 60 Watt Replacement, 8W, 800 Lumens, 6 Pack, Soft White (2700K), Non-Dimmable

The packaging: It came in a Vivid box within an Amazon box. The bulbs were snugly fit into a plastic sleeve. Nothing was broken and everything seemed to be packaged really well. Nothing was broken either!
The look: They look different from your typical bulbs. They had a heavy duty plastic casing over the base of the bulb. They do not feel like glass but more like a heavy plastic, but they are definitely not cheaply made!

After installation: We put them in our floor lamps. They were pretty bright for a 60 watt and when looking at them, didn’t seem to be 60 watt! They screwed in very easily too.

Overall: We love the product and definitely intend to buy them in the future!!

Would you recommend to friends/family?: Absolutely!! Both my husband and I would recommend!
Disclaimer: This item was received under a promo code but I have thoroughly tried/tested the product prior to writing this review!


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