Moving is exhausting. We finally got a condo and I finally went and got Meadow from PA. She did well during the 13 hour drive. But damn is it a bitch to get her stuff in order for school. They want her vision, hearing and dental on GA letterhead. Ok! No problem. I had to go to the health department to get this done, again no problem! But when I get there, I am told it would be a 2 hour wait – ugh! Have to leave and go to work because they weren’t given a heads up that I may be gone for the morning. I go a second time and I am turned away completely! The third time, I go at 8am (they open at 8:30) in the hopes that I will be first in line. NOPE! 14 people ahead of me when I get there. Meadow and I spent FIVE HOURS at the health department just to get her forms transferred onto GA letterhead. FIVE FREAKIN HOURS! But I finally got them!
After this, we went to her school and got her fully registered. We got her page long supply list and…. uniform guidelines! What?! Uniforms in first grade?? Weird though – uniforms are not required but highly recommended.
I can’t wait to get my husband and my furniture down here.


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