My Beautiful Meadow

My baby girl is my everything. I have never been away from her for this long and it really sucks. I keep telling myself that I’m doing it for us and I will see her soon but time is not moving fast enough!
I’m glad that I love my job though.. I think it would be harder if I hated the place I went to every day AND had to miss her this much at the same time.
Mommy will see you soon baby girl ❤


Georgia on my mind

I absolutely love Georgia. I visited several months ago both for a job interview as well as to get a feel for the area. I loved it then. I felt at home then. And I feel at home now and even more so than before!
Every person I have run into has been so nice. I have gotten compliments on my hair, my make up and my tattoos several times and I have only been here since yesterday. I had a conversation with the barista at Starbucks about my tattoos and World of Warcraft. I had a conversation with the cashier at Family Dollar about how different PA and GA are (he was from PA also). I had a woman approach me at Kohls to tell me how nice my hair and lipstick went so well together.
I definitely belong here. These are my people now 🙂


Yes, a very miniscule/minor thing. But when I order a shake/blizzard/whateveryoucallit from a fast food place, I expect there to be CHUNKS of the candy that I ordered. For instance, the shake in the photo is from Sonic. I ordered Reese’s PB cups and oreo. DO YOU SEE ANY CANDY CHUNKS IN THERE? They put a little “spoonfull” of candies on top and then it’s like the rest is just vanilla ice cream! I did not pay over $3 for a cup of vanilla ice cream. I could have gotten a pint for less 🙂 Plus, when you look at their menu on their website, it SHOWS chunks through out the whole cup… seems a little misleading to me! 😦
The worst part is that I went to Bruster’s a few days before and ordered the same thing. There were HUGE chunks of PB cups, oreo AND cookie dough through out the entire shake. Down to the very last bit of melted ice cream. That’s my fave part too – the melted ice cream at the bottom with the candy. YUMMY
Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE everything else on Sonic’s menu. But the shakes will not be on my takeout order anytime soon unless they fix it!
In closing, I think some places need to step up their shake biz!
#Sonic @Sonicmontgomery #SonicBlastShakes

Mommy cuddles

This is my last day in Pennsylvania. Tomorrow morning I will be leaving the state to move to Georgia to be with my sister and parents. My husband and daughter will not be moving down until the end of July so this morning I took some extra time to stare at my beautiful daughter while she slept. I took a chance and snuggled up to her and she woke up for a quick second to smile, cuddle me and wrap her arm around my head. I just laid there for a few minutes in bliss, realizing I would be away from her for 2 months and taking in the love and warmth from her in that moment. Every parent should watch their child sleep in the mornings and revel in the soft innocence they portray in that moment.